Daniela Schweinsberg is a German painter, born 1973 in Marburg an der Lahn. The childhood of the artist was influenced by frequent relocations;
so she travelled a lot and found her own independence early on.
This shaped the artist and can be seen in her creativity today.
Her approach is full of dynamics, openness and experimentation.
At some point, Daniela Schweinsberg moved to Frankfurt am Main,
where she has been living and working ever since.
Daniela Schweinsberg stepped into the art world
after finishing her degree in business administration
and found her calling was in a more creative field.
She started out as a self-taught artist,
but over the course of the years formed a comprehensive artistic knowledge and received professional training from
renowned artists (including Peter Tomschiczek, Peter Casagrande).

Her Work
Daniela Schweinsberg is a representative of the informal, gestural abstraction.
Her works are powerful, colorful and challenging for the viewer.
Often the gestural moment dominates the entire rhythm of the artwork.
The artist receives inspiration for her works from many different sources -
sometimes it is the color or the material itself that appeals to her
(eg "Let Paint Speak Up" series), but she also processes the most diverse impressions of her environment
and nature (eg a trip through Brittany in the series "Finistère").
Starting from the first idea, the images are then created in an intensive dialogue between the artist and the work.
In the process, the image itself, its change,
its expression, becomes the determining factor of the painting process,
whereby the original idea can also take a back seat.

The painting process by Daniela Schweinsberg is a mixture of impulsiveness and considered approach.
Her first steps are slow, she explores what appears in the picture,
how the materials work together, how the first forms and lines come together, which could be the next step - and eventually the moment comes when the artist realizes what form the artwork takes as a whole, from then on, she works dynamically, intuitively
and spontaneously, working purely informally.

Daniela Schweinsberg sees this as the decisive phase of her painting process; whose energy, dynamics and spontaneity are
later transferred to the viewer. 
The materials used (almost all paintings of the artist are created in mixed media - Acrylics, Oil color, spray paint, crayon etc) 
support this approach, since the interaction of the different substances
(eg acrylic paint with spray or ink) is always experimental.

The artist also uses the contrasts resulting from the material mix to her advantage. For some time now, the artist likes to work on raw canvas or linen, which she deliberately uses uncrowned to preserve the natural structure and color.
She includes the raw look as part of her original works of art.

Get in touch if you are interested in Daniela Schweinsberg artworks
at info@follyandmuse.com. Alternatively, visit her artist page:
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