Gaetan de Seguin was born in 1971 in the sunny and colorful city of Montpellier in South of France. After an artistic education in Paris and various jobs all related to drawing, he has made a more radical move towards painting in 2010 and has since worked full time as an artist. When he doesn't paint, he organizes art workshops in his Languedoc countryside house.

Gaetan de Seguin paints figurative works, with an abstract character. Gaëtan de Seguin paints the individual, an individual within the crowd. A crowd within the individual. The various colors highlight that not one person is the same, and his artworks celebrate this individuality in a contemporary and elegant way.

His 'crowd' paintings also showcase that we are stronger together in love and friendship and a common way of life, in the fight agains racism and terrorism. But also in the every day- by working together hand in hand, we are more successful in business as well as within our families if we can stick together and happier for it.



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