Scope of services

Folly & Muse Art Consultants offers comprehensive Art services, from selection to installation, for homes, cooperate offices, the gastronomy sector and Boutique Hotels. We advise private and institutional clients on collection strategy and handle the entire deal chain from sourcing artworks to ownership transfer and installation at the location itself.

We specialize in contemporary art, foremost up and coming artist from around the world, but will also provide access to established artists, classical art and antiques, depending on the clients needs and budget.

We create one-of-a-kind art collections that reflect the concept and brand identity of our clients and the architectural space of the project. We further aim to draw in the geographical and historical significance of the location, while commissioning art that stimulates an emotional response.

Folly & Muse Art Consultants offer personalized services the client desires and needs in a way that is unique from concept to implementation.





Opportunities For Businesses To Invest In

- inherence of prestige and luxury
 - adds deeper meaning to brands and products through inherence of culture and history
- can attract right clientele that expects art to be part of their surroundings
- use art as a positioning device – exclusivity, social distinction, authenticity –
- establish point of difference, aesthetic distinctiveness, unique brand identities 
- defines the location, brings in local culture and possibly the local community
- Inspires, provokes and stimulates clients’s and employees imaginations, creates conversation, engages
- advertising and marketing tool
- potential increase of value of contemporary art
With globalization, art becomes increasingly important for brands and individuals as an expressive marker for aesthetic and cultural distinction. Businesses at the top end of the market should establish uniqueness and communicate sophistication, through cultural and geographical links, that engage, inspire and above all form emotional connections with their clients.

Folly & Muse Art Consultants offer art packages for companies and individuals that are looking to realize their full potential.

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 We provide Art Consulting services in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and many other cities.
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