Experience the VIDEO of the Affordable Art Fair Brussels and our artists at the Folly & Muse stand

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Our first year at the Affordable Art Fair Brussels was a fantastic experience.


The atmosphere of the art fair was excellent only topped by the standard and quality of art displayed. 

We took a range of our best artists along and had a hugely successful fair that we look forward to returning to next February 2018 at the Tour & Taxis site.

If you couldn't join us for the fair our brilliant videographer from Rose Quest Productions made this little video to capture what art we shared with the capital of Europe.

Find artists like Francisco Jimenez, Petra Rös-Nickel, Ruth Schleeh, Sam Peacock, Gunda Jastorff and Philip Hearsey amongst many others!

So if you are in town and interested in sculpture, oil paintings with marble dust, acrylics with wax and mixed media artworks with coffee and sugar on steel, then swing by the Folly & Muse stand in February 2018.


In the meantime visit our Gallery homepage at www.follyandmuse.com for more inspiring art and design.

Life. Curated.

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Celebrate the 5th year anniversary with a limited edition GantLight!

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Celebrate the fith year anniversary of Gant Lights with us!

They have made a special limited edition of their stylised C1 pendant light with over 300-year-old oak wood sourced straight from historic city palace in Berlin.

The foundation from Märkische spruce and pine wood, as well as the oak planks, have been the fundament of the castle since 1680 as a royal residence and after its destruction the palace of the republic of Germany.

When the castle first was build the trees were between 100 and 150 years old. The historical wood was only recently recovered during the reconstruction work of the Berlin Humboldforum at the Castle place. The wood lay below the groundwater for hundreds of years were it slowly turned into black, hard bog oak. During this time, the tannic acid of oakwood reacted with the iron salts of the groundwater. Through this chemical process, the wood received its individual, partly bluish-black coloration and its individual structure. The bog oak is then carefully sculpted by hand into the limited edition pendant light. 

The history-rich oak wood, combined with rough concrete, refers to the hometown of GANTlights and creates five characteristic and unmistakable individual pieces with Berlin history. In all lampshades a pictogram of the Berlin city castle was milled and individually marked with 24 karat gold leaf. Each [C1] limited edition is handed over with a certificate of authenticity. 

The handmade lampshade comes pre-assembled with a high-quality LED strip, 2 meter black textile cable, wire rope suspension, fastening material and a canopy made of matt steel.

Please ensure that your ceiling can bear the weight of this one of a kind light.

To see what else we have in store for you click on one of the images to shop our light collection!


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The world's leading art fair - Highlights of TEFAF Maastricht 2017

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Welcome to the art world's Olympus: TEFAF - The worlds leading Fair for Art, Antiques and Design

With its 30th edition, The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF), provides one of the most important platforms to international art dealers to present their museum-choice works of 7,000 Years of human art-making to worlds broadest base of collectors and connoisseurs.

Works on Paper at Patrick Heide Gallery

 For similar sculptures made out of bronze see our Artist Philip Hearsey:


From March 9th-19th TEFAF welcomed 275 internationally renowned exhibitors and attracted more then 100,000 visitors to the the MECC (Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre), Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Alongside the artworld elite, TEFAF attracts all things Luxury. We enjoyed the courtesy cars taking us to the fair every day sponsored by Maserati and BMW.

With it unrivalled vetting commitees, which scrutinizes every single item which is brought up to display, TEFAF ascertains highest demands in quality, authenticity and condition of the works. Through the careful selection of its exhibitors, TEFAF enables visitors to make unexpected connections across disciplines creating a marketplace for the highest level of collecting.

Roy Lichtenstein


Not inevitable to mention, that all protagonists on various areas of the art world are convening in Maastricht for the opening weekend of TEFAF Art Fair. As a matter of course, we, Folly & Muse, did not miss out on this occasion.

The famous TEFAF Entrance Hall Flower Installation of thousands of floating flowers suspended by invisible strings.

Like a painting itself the installations of flowers continue throughout the fair.

Damien Hirst - Beautiful Blood Orchids in Electric Storm Painting at Alon Zakaim Fine Art

Peter Anton

Title: Razzle Dazzle Assortment - Or in our words - a wall sculpture full of candy!

One of our all time favorite's at these art fair must be Anish Kapoor with his Mirror pieces - this one titled 'Random Triangle Mirror' at Kukje Gallery breaks light and reflections into a million facets.


These were some of our highlights. We hope you enjoyed them.

Martin Assig and Francis Bacon at Emmanuel von Baeyer


 For any art consulting advice email us at info@follyandmuse.com

We love to source artworks like these or others for you.

We also look forward to art fair craziness again next year. So save the dates.

TEFAF 2018 is going to be held again next year from 09.-18. March 2018. Be curious.

In the mean time visit our emerging artists at www.follyandmuse.com to invest in up and coming stars of the future






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Affordable Art Fair: Emerging contemporary artists in Milan, Italy 2017

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Discovered with passion and love of art: Our recent finds at Affordable Art Fair Milan (9-12 Feb 2017).

We are super-delighted to join the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) at Superstudio Piú from 9th - 12th February 2015 in Milan, Italy. Visitors are invited to explore recent trends and secret treasures from 85 local, national and international galleries within the field of contemporary art. At Affordable Art Fair Milan an unprecedented showcase of less-expensive but highly curated Paintings, Photography, Sculptures and Prints are on display. In addition to the show, complementing event programs such as guided tours, various hands-on workshops a designated kids lab area are inviting to explore art and allow visitors to make their visit a full cross boundaries experiences of all the art genres, which are on display. What to do in Milan on a rainy weekend? To learn more about all arty activities around AAF Milan: please click here.


Thursday 9 February 2017 18.00 – 22.00
Friday 10 February 2017 11.00 – 21.00
Saturday 11 February 2017 11.00 – 21.00
Sunday 12 February 2017 11.00 – 20.00

For online discounted tickets, please click here.



Our recent finds

Among our well established portfolio of artists we are pleased to present our recent finds of contemporary works of art, created by emerging talents across Europe at Affordable Art Fair Milan 2017.


Gunda Jastorff

Gunda Jastorff - Purple String

Artist: Gunda Jastorff

Title: Purple String

Medium: Mixed media on canvas

Edition: original

Size: 90 x 110 cm.

Gunda Jarstorff is working predominantly on large canvases and has a minimal approach to color schemes. The way she incorporates texture and 3-Dimensionality into her paintings adds depth and beautiful lighting effects to her works.

Gunda works from Hamburg and is an internationally represented artist.  

Find all of Gunda Jastorff's artworks for Folly & Muse here: https://www.follyandmuse.com/collections/gunda-jasdorff


Fabian Freese

Fabian Freese - Playground Neviges

Artist: Fabian Freese

Title: Playground Neviges

Medium: Oil and Spraypaint on canvas

Edition: original

Size: 100 x 190 cm

Date: 2014

Fabian Freese deftly combines painting and photography in his works of art. He still retains stylistic elements of graffiti which he acquired as a juvenile, wherefore the can is still a core element in his mixed media painting series. Within this present series he revitalizes his faded memories to worn out childhood memories.

Fabian works and lives in Germany, his artworks have been whidely exhibited from Europe to the United States over to the Far East.

Find all of Fabian Freese's artworks for Folly & Muse here:



Kieran Naish

Artist: Kieran Naish

Title: Southampton Containers

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 25 x 30 cm

Year: 2016

Kieran is an English artist and designer based in Bath.

With his architectural and landscape paintings he uses two dimensional, minimal shapes to bring to life the world in beautiful, stylized works of art.


The upcoming edition of Affordable Art Fair Milan (09-12 February 2017) presents 85 of local, national and international galleries within the field of contemporary art, representing their recent finds. Affordable Art Fair gives you the opportunity to see, fall in love with, and buy art in a fun and friendly environment. Please join us! Affordable Art Fair Milan, Superstudio Più, 20144 Milan, Italy. http://www.affordableartfair.com/.

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Art Basel and Scope at Art Basel 2016

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We went to visit Art Basel this June and found the most inspiring artists for you. 

We found the latest works of the likes of Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Tony Cragg, but also found some impressive art by other rising stars such as A Kassen, Jeppe Hein, Idris Khan, Zhan Wan and Adriana Varejao.

But as art is a highly personal experience I am sure you will all have your own favourite.

 If you need help in purchasing any of the below artworks, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

And if you can't or don't want to splash out millions on the artworlds most renowned artists, we are always here to help find a more affordable piece, that is just as special, for you.

But now, first things first...


Our Best Of Art Basel 2016

Gillian Wearing - My Mother's Charms

Metal Chain, 3D printed objects and mixed media. 160 x 400 x 15 cm

Lucio Fontana

Concetto Spaziale, Attese - Waterpaint on white and black canvas

Alberto Burri

Combustione Plastica - Plastic and acrylic on canvas / 85 x 99 cm



Both artworks by Adam Fuss - Photography

Both untitled - pigment prints

Tom Wesselmann

Oil on cut-out aluminium


Andy Warhol

Shadow - Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas


Jeff Koons

Wall Relief with Bird - Polychromed Wood


Julie Mehretu

Epigraph, Damascus

Photogravure, sugar lift aquatint, spit bite aqautint


Rirkrit Tiravanija

Seventh chapter: to all appearance, the traveler acts like a mediumistic being who, from the labyrinth beyond time and space, seeks his way out to the clearing, the math compass helps


Jane Lee 

Coiling 1 - Hand collected tracing paper, insert pins - 63x63 cm


Haegue Yang

Non-folding -Geometric Tipping

Stencil, white paper, spray paint - 125 x 88 cm


Joan Miro

Paysage - Oil on Canvas - 130 x 97 cm


Tony Cragg

Drawn Figure - Stainless Steel


Otto Piene

Nocturno - Oil and Fire on Canvas



Anish Kapoor

Mirror (Laser Red to Oriental Blue)



Jeff Koons

Gazing Ball (Rembrandt Self-Portrait Wearing a Hat)

Oil on canvas, glass, and aluminum - Size (cm) 163.8 × 132.7 × 37.5


Doug Aitken

EVERY THING - Mirror, fiberglass, resin



El Anatsui

Another Place - Found aluminum and copper wire

Giulio Paolini

Mimesi - Chalk sculptures

Art Basel is one of the world shows where one day is not enough to see everything that is worth seeing. Let alone really experience the art to their full extend. Therefore we will stick with the above as a selection of importance.

General impressions of Art Basel:



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