After the official little Video of the Affordable Art Fair Brussels, see our impressions of the 10th edition of the fair in pictures.

We had a fantastic fair in 2018 with lots of unique and brilliant artists. In this image we have a unique paper collage on the left front wall by Joanne Hummel-Newell.

The bold graphic piece on the right is by Berlin based artist Kera. His work ranges from big urban house fronts to canvas paintings.

Sculptures are by Mark Beattie, Kuno Vollet and Gareth Griffith.

The stunning abstract nudes are inspired by Modigliani and are by London based artist Hock Tee Tan. The black on silver leaf found a fantastic home in Brussels.


The stunning forest landscape painting by Sarah Ollerenshaw sold straight away to a young gentleman, as well as the abstract turquoise piece by Ruth Schleeh.

Abstract paintings with orange and black and white as well as the big central piece with blue and beige are by German artist Ruth Schleeh.

Their quiet elegance found a lot of admiration.


Petra Rös-Nickel, Hock Tee Tan, Alex Voinea and Frederic Paul are at the center of focus at the opening night.

Red abstraction of flowers with oil, acrylics and rice paper give a wonderful vibrancy by German/ Thai artist Frederic Paul. Beside it on the right wall in vibrant blue is an abstract Diptych by Alex Voinea.

Petra Rös-Nickel's architectural stripes in turquoise (in the middle) and beige (on the side) were the highlight of our stand and both sold the same night.


 Two more examples of Petra Rös-Nickel's abstract big paintings.


Center are paintings by Petra Rös-Nickel and Daniela Schweinsberg. Large abstract pieces were the main focus of our Affordable Art Fair stand.

The black pigment and marble powder on oil painting by Petra Rös-Nickel also found a fabulous home in Brussels.


A photographic artwork of Marilyn Monroe sparkled in Diamond Dust pink by David Studwell on our right wall. 

Artworks with unaltered marine plastic found at the UK shoreline by UK artist Steve McPherson. 

Sculpture in oxidized copper by Mark Beattie and abstract nudes by Hock Tee Tan.


 Abstract landscape painting on steel by Sam Peacock and ceramic sculpture by Kuno Vollet. The stunning blue Diptych is by Spanish artist Alex Voinea. 



Various artworks by Petra Rös-Nickel and Hock Tee Tan

 Large red powerful abstract painting by Detlef E Aderhold ,following to the right: Ruth Schleeh, Sara Ollerenshaw, Petra Rös-Nickel.

The 10th edition was a fantastic event, with many visitors and plenty serious art buyers, making it a beautiful artfair to visit and exhibit at.

We look forward to the 11th edition in 2019.


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