Folly & Muse Gallery and Art Consultancy


Katharina Hormel Founder of Folly & Muse Art & Design Gallery

'Having worked for Art Consultancies in London and New York, an auction house and art gallery in Munich, I learned different values and aspects of the art business around the world. The passion for working with contemporary artists has remained throughout and still drives Folly & Muse forward - collaborating with creatives around the globe and always finding new artistic talents.'  


Brand Philosophy

Folly & Muse was established in 2015 in London to find and collaborate with the most creative, talented, emerging and mid-career artists from all around the world.

Folly & Muse (since 2019 in Munich) has made it their mission to curate unique works of an exceptional quality and bring them to savvy contemporary art collectors with an eye out for abstract and figurative paintings, photography and sculptural works of art.


Please get in touch if you want to arrange a viewing. Just let us know which artworks or artists you are interested in and we will show you a selection of pieces in the south of Munich.

We only do viewings by appointment - so please don't just drop by.

Our address is in 85649 Brunnthal. 


At Folly & Muse you will be buying directly from the artist. We provide the platform for buyers and artists to connect, making that special art purchase much easier. We help in choosing art as well as realizing special commissions, should the ideal size, color or form not exist just yet.


Folly & Muse also advises on art as an investment as well as a unique tool to set any business apart. Art is expected to out perform financial assets in the upcoming decade. Art is a strong asset in diversifying any portfolio. With prices low and an upward trend strongly anticipated, it is an ideal time to begin to invest in contemporary art. Wether as a private art collection or within a business.


Life. Curated.

“Art is not a study of positive reality, it is the seeking for ideal truth.” -John Ruskin
The cultural aspects of art and its’ striving for ‘ideal truth’ as John Ruskin puts it, has helped to improve both society and corporate performance. The right art touches emotionally, educates us about our own history and transforms spaces and elevates our experience from the usual and expected to the sublime, an ‘ideal truth’ that we all naturally strive towards. 



To become a Folly & Muse Artist, please email us with samples of your work or a link to your portfolio or website.

We are always excited to hear from you and discover new talent!



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