We're exited to present Laura Petrovich Cheney as a new artist to join Folly & Muse Gallery.

In the heart of Philadelphia, a remarkable artist breathes new life into discarded wood, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Meet Laura Petrovich Cheney, whose captivating creations seamlessly merge contemporary concepts with timeless themes, inviting viewers on a journey of discovery and reflection.

Cheney's artistic journey is as rich and diverse as her creations. With a background in fine art and English literature from Dickinson College, coupled with an MFA in studio arts from Moore College of Art and Design, Cheney brings a unique blend of influences to her work. Her expertise in fashion design, painting, and sculpture converge in her meticulous craftsmanship, elevating simple shapes into compositions teeming with luminosity and depth.

But Cheney's artistry goes beyond mere aesthetics. It tells a story – a story of resilience, femininity, and the transformative power of creativity. Inspired by her experiences during Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, Cheney salvages wood scraps from home renovations and the streets, infusing them with renewed purpose and meaning. Each piece bears witness to personal histories, identity, and the enduring human spirit.

One of the most striking aspects of Cheney's art is her ability to retain the wood's original patina and imperfections, allowing its unique character to shine through in every piece. Whether it's cedar siding, dressers, or kitchen cabinets, each material holds memories of times past, weaving a narrative of order, repurpose, and resilience.

Her recent sculptures delve into conversations about individual and environmental concerns, drawing inspiration from feminism and traditional women's arts like needlework, weaving, and quilting. Cheney's wood quilts are not just intricate tapestries; they're invitations to delve deeper into the complexities of life's journey, where chaos is transformed into beauty and meaning.

For Cheney, art is evolutionary – a continuous process of piecing something together out of chaos into something beautiful. Her works are imbued with the residual energy of time and place, reminding viewers that creativity knows no bounds.

Experience the captivating allure of Laura Petrovich Cheney's art and let her creations inspire you to see the beauty in the discarded, the resilience in the reimagined, and the timeless power of creativity. Join us on a journey of discovery and reflection as we unveil the transformative beauty of Cheney's artistry.

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