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Shed my Skin - Josephine Cardin

Josephine Cardin

Artist: Josephine Cardin

Medium: Mixed Media of Photography and Illustration

Size: 24 x 36 inch - 60 x 90 cm

Limited edition of 30

If you are interested in other sizes, please email us at: info@follyandmuse.com


From my ongoing series Portraits of People, Shed My Skin examines self-image, identity, transformation, and the essence of who we are as human beings. The series aims to not just discover one another, but more so, to show the connections that exist between us all.

Model Marie: "Sometimes people think I'm too sensitive when I show my emotions too much...almost as if its a weakness. But I think showing emotion takes a lot of courage. People also think I'm shy, but I'm just reserved and much more of an observer."

Her work is melancholic, full of symbolisms, and always hopeful in illustrating that as humans we have the capacity and strength to overcome our fears and obstacles while gaining from them the will to live life to its full potential. 

Cardin works primarily in self-portraiture to illustrate scenes that bewitch and explore our human sensibilities through abstract stories with a visual dialogue between the subject and the artist created through harmonic gestures and magnetic artistry.


Shed my Skin - Josephine Cardin