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Orange Blue 013 - Kera


Artist: KeraMedium: handmade screen print  300 g /m2 Hahnemühle paper 3 colours

Size: 70 x 50 cm / 27,56 x 19,69 inch limited edition of 10 + 3 AP prints numbered & signed by the artist


“Kera“ who was born in Berlin in 1985 occupies himself with colours, printing techniques and facade design over more than 18 years. At the same time Kera always found new impulses through his love for haptic and technically things. Especially the interconnection of working with the computer and the realization on the wall attract the artist. The playground can never be big enough. When looking at his artwork one sees a reflection of his graphic-design studies, his passion for geometric lines and spaces as well as him handling spray cans, wall colour and brushes for years. His artwork is abstract but at the same time spatial. Aesthetics and graphic arts play an important role together.

Orange Blue 013 - Kera