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Opposite's Attract

Folly & Muse

Size: 95 x 130 cm

Medium: Oils on Canvas

Artist: Lilly Muth


Lilly Muth's use of two halves of a circle in her paintings, which overlap or melt into each other, is a fascinating artistic representation of Plato's concept of love. Plato's philosophy on love, as described in "Symposium," indeed explores the idea of humans seeking their other half to achieve a sense of completeness. Here's how Lilly Muth's art aligns with this concept.

Symbolism of the Circle Halves: The use of two halves of a circle in her paintings can be seen as a visual metaphor for the idea that each individual is only part of a whole and seeks to reunite with their missing counterpart. This concept reflects Plato's notion that love is about the reunion of these halves.

The overlapping or melting of the circle halves in her art might represent the process of two individuals coming together in love. As these halves merge, they create something new, symbolizing the transformative power of love in Plato's philosophy.

Incomplete Wholeness: Plato's idea that the reunited halves do not form a complete whole again is intriguing. It suggests that even in love and unity, individuals retain their distinct identities. Lilly Muth's art captures this aspect by portraying the circles as separate but interconnected, emphasizing the uniqueness of each half.

Formation of Something New: The notion that when the two halves meet, they create something new aligns with the creative and innovative aspect of love. This idea may be symbolized in her artwork by the resulting shapes or patterns formed by the merging circles, signifying the unique union of two individuals.

Indeed, Lilly Muth's art is a fusion of colour theory, geometry and spatial manipulation, resulting in visually captivating and impactful abstract works. Her skilful combination of these elements makes her paintings suitable and striking choices for contemporary interiors. They not only add aesthetic value but also provoke thought and engage viewers in a unique visual experience. Overall, Lilly Muth's incorporation of Plato's concept of love into her art adds depth and philosophical resonance to her work. It invites viewers to contemplate the nature of love, human connection, and the transformative power of relationships, all through the medium of geometric abstraction and visual symbolism.

Opposite's Attract
Opposite's Attract
Opposite's Attract
Opposite's Attract