Glide 2 - Detlef E. Aderhold


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Artist: Detlef E. Aderhold

Title: Glide 2

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 110 x 80 cm

Edition: Original Artwork


About the Artist:

Detlef E. Aderhold is a contemporary abstract painter from Germany.

"Detlef Aderhold’s colourful, enigmatic paintings refuse to submit to ordinary categorisations. With a stimulating ambiguity, they walk a fine line between figurative and abstract painting, between artistic intentionality, experiment and chance. The artist rejects not only definitive categories, but also explicit content. Instead, he unceasingly, rigorously and intensely investigates the possibilities of the image itself: its associative force, its autonomy and its immanent logic are given palpable form."

Dr Gabriele Himmelmann, art historian


Learn more about Detlef here.

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