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Family - Aaliyah Navras

Folly & Muse

Artist: Aaliyah Navras 

Title: Family

Medium: mixed media (acrylic, spray paint, marker, oil pastel, gesso)

Size: 80 x 100cm on canvas

Year: 2016


Aaliyah Navras studied at the University of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland. 

Her works are inspired by mythology and romantic notions of a past that was lived closer to nature and traditions. She is also inspired by her travels and the world gives her plenty to discover.

She creates bold abstract paintings, layering shapes that create obscure worlds, with a portion of realism. In her work she wants to show that chaos is a very natural part of reality and progress in this world. Her use of color is very harmonious, thereby creating beautiful geometrical abstractions, full of emotion.

Family - Aaliyah Navras
Family - Aaliyah Navras
Family - Aaliyah Navras