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Barley - Sam Peacock

Sam Peacock

Artist: Sam Peacock

Title: Barley 

Materials: Oil, Coffee and Parafin on steel

Medium: Mild steel sheet

Size: 85 x 35 cm

Edition: Original Artwork

Year: 2018


Sam Peackock: ‘Being a landscape painter based in London led me to think that there was more to my practice than just producing work in a traditional method, there seemed to be opportunity to let the work morph more, each piece of material used having a link to where I work. I use Steel, plaster and concrete as its everywhere you look in most contemporary cities, The coffee and sugar I use is rooted in previous exhibitions in Italy.’

Sam’s work uses oil paints on steel sheets that he mixes with a myriad of different materials and burns away layer by layer.

Off the beaten track and along a winding road. Broken walls and overgrown brambles, a glint of the city shimmers in the distance, the chalk lined path leading to a once famed place. That captured moment in time, the line which moves through the work, the colours which collide, the gold awakening blazing the glimmer of the sun.

Because of the reflective nature of the metal sheet, colourways vary depending on lighting.


Learn more about Sam here.

Barley - Sam Peacock
Barley - Sam Peacock