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Balancing Act - Kuno Vollet

Kuno Vollet

Artist: Kuno Vollet

Materials: Steel (manganphosphorisiert) on stone base

Size: 33 x 18 cm x 13 cm


Born in 1951 in Petersaurach, located in Upper Franconia, artist Kuno Vollet attended the University of

Kassel from 1969 to 1973, where he studied painting, design, printmaking, and ceramics. His highly elegant and versatile sculptural works are made from manifold materials such as steel, bronze, brass and ceramics. This fusion of inherently incompatible elements, the merging of the heavy with the light, is exceptionally successful in the weightless sculptures of Kuno Vollet: In their aesthetic defiance of gravity, they depict the cosmic play of constant creation and decay, perpetual transformation, the elegant dance of elements, and thus capture a moment beyond time.

Kuno Vollet primarily uses brass and bronze as materials for his artworks. Other works are not cast but heated and forged from iron in the forge. Each piece is given its own patina or is leaf-gilded. Some bronze work is polished until

it gleams like gold. The kilo-heavy yet delicate-looking structures are then mounted on a stone base, which impressively contrasts with the seemingly floating work. However, the overall effect of the sculptures does not solely result from the flowing forms and their stone base. It is, not least, the surrounding space that seems inseparable from the substance of the sculpture and is an essential part of their impact: Kuno Vollet, so to speak, brings the "in - between" into visibility. This is precisely what gives his works their fascinating charm.


Balancing Act - Kuno Vollet
Balancing Act - Kuno Vollet
Balancing Act - Kuno Vollet