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Aqua Spring Study

Folly & Muse

Artist: Kate Seaborne

Size: 140 x 50 cm

Medium: Acrylics & Spraypaint on wood 

Kate Seaborne’s work is simultaneously an inquiry into nature and architecture and how geometry influences both.

Kate creates two separate bodies of work. Her seascape paintings explore nature with an abstract character. Instead of waves we see colorful lines. Creating order, peace and a natural geometry within her landscape painting.

Her wood parcels on the other hand are a further abstraction and delve into the notions of our human environment, architecture and how individuals define themselves in an overloaded sensorial landscape. Her colors peacefully blend into each other, creating another form of landscape, that is more urban. Shadow and light play a vital role in her Bauhaus style works, as well as contrasting geometric parcels that are harmonious and discordant at the same time.

Her works come together as abstract landscapes in a broader sense that are contemporary and joyful pieces of art.


Aqua Spring Study