Adore Me - Bettina Bohn

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Artist: Bettina Bohn
Medium:  Female Torso sculpture, box-framed
Materials: Gold Foil, Mixed Media
Size:  22 x 22 x 7
Original Artwork
About the Artist:

Bettina Bohn is a German Artist living and working from Hohenegg.

Her work ‘Körperhauten’ - ‘Body skins’ is celebrating the beauty of female torsi. The sensitive organ skin, the membran between the inner and outer world is symbolising the struggle of being beautiful from within while a commercial world is only celebrating outward beauty. The use of these natural materials, that are sometimes uneven and rugged, with unique patterns demonstrates the individuality and unique beauty that lies within all human bodies. Individuality that strays from a perfect body image celebrated by the media.


Learn more about Bettina here.


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