Tom Davis is an artist from and working in Chadwell Heath, London. As a student his work was featured on the MOMA and SFMOMA blogs and since graduating in 2014 Tom has exhibited at Float Art London, The Other Art Fair and the Xerxes sculpture Prize at the Serpentine Galleries.

His work is a contemplation on the effect of Atheism on our perceptions. Taking influence from Music, the architectural style ‘Brutalism’ and Suprematism, his style is an amalgamation of Spirituality, Dadaism and the Political.

Davis’s work lies on the border between painting and sculpture; he practises the idea of painting using materials that reflect Dadaist notions. An emphasis on social ideals such as the concept of a shared urban experience and the loss of what Theodore Roszak describes as the ‘Old Gnosis’ a visionary style of knowledge as distinct from a theological or factual one, that is able to "see" the divine within a human, the infinite in the finite, the spiritual in the material are communicated in a multiplicity of shapes that reduce the romanticist notion of the beyond to a closing gap.

The ideological notion ‘Belligerent Nihilism’ is also a strong influence to the soup of thoughts, in which his Paintings are centred.