Thomas Kellner is a wood sculptor living and working in the south of Germany.

For over 35 years the artist Thomas Kellner is living and working with wood. 

He lived in a small castle without electricity for some years, where his bond to nature grew and his encounter with healing herbs and trees shaped him into the person he is today.

He also worked in the woods taking care of different trees. During that time he discovered rare trees such as the wild service tree, the sorb tree and the yew tree and decided to foster them.

He discovered the singularity of trees, their unparalleled beauty in growth and grain, diverse fragrances and colour variety. In every piece of wood he experiences the fascination of form and design.

Every piece of sculpture demonstrates the singularity of the wood.


Thomas Kellner also takes commissions. If you are interested in his work please drop us an email and we will bring your vision to life. Enquiries go to