Steven creates unique images that are reminiscent of deteriorating street art paste ups. Often combining iconic figures with torn text in a variety of fonts, Steve creates textured prints rich in detail.

Currently a lecturer of visual communications at a college in Cambridge Steve has a degree in Product Design and a teaching degree from Cambridge University. When he is not teaching he works as a freelance graphic and web designer.

After taking a group of students to New York he became inspired by the street art of some of the biggest names including Faile and Bast. A self-taught artist, he began creating his work in early 2013. For Steve his art is the freedom to work without boundaries, away from his working life in graphics and web design.



‘Sometimes I have no idea what my work is about and in the words of Damian Hirst 'it is what you want it to be'. I sometimes spend longer looking for an image than I do creating the work itself.’

Steve has built a popular following on social networking sites such as Instagram. His varied and creative work is a real pedigree; often manipulating iconic images to create stylish yet accessible prints.

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