“I find myself immersed in the past to find clues to the present, the way trade has shaped our world, and how pioneers have carved paths in far reaching places. I disburse my time wandering these places looking for clues to the past, an iron post, a rock face which has trans morphed over time. The human interaction with nature”

Peacock, originally from the midlands grew up with giant telegraph poles looking over him, in his mind like an iron giant, a relic of cold war hyperbole, his work is directly linked with the natural and industrial landscape surrounding him.


“One of the reoccurring themes in my work is the red being used to imply this unseen force beneath the earth, rising out when disturbed to devour and reconquer all in its wake”

Traditionally working with industrial materials and varying degrees of heat, using fire as a tool to carve shape, the destructive nature of the beast, harnessing elements of controlled abstraction, he sets about his visions of the past and possibly the future.

All Images: © Chris King / Chris King Photography

Peacock has had reviews in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Londonist, Culture 24 and Inspiring City.

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Solo Shows

Sydney NSW, Australia, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, 2012

Berlin, Germany, Berlin Avantgarde 2013

London, United Kingdom, Curious Duke Gallery, 2013

London, United Kingdom, Timberyard, 2014

London, United Kingdom, Curious Duke, 2015


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