At Dalvey we’re driven by the desire to equip discerning men with items that are expressly relevant to them.  Gentlemen’s accessories are often overlooked: we aim to rectify this with a range of versatile modern classics - pieces that make a statement of exceptional design and quality.

Sir Patrick has always respected individuality, and Dalvey pays homage to that respect: the brand is driven by our aspiration to equip men who craft their own lifestyles and require distinctive functionality. When designing, we often think in terms of the “Dalvey Man” – a figure who is independent and discerning, inquiring and broadminded.


Central to the design process is the idea of an independent-minded man who constructs his own lifestyle.  We make versatile modern classics – pieces that make a statement of exceptional design and quality. We aim to have a focused range: to perfect key designs using construction techniques that guarantee performance and functionality.

Discerning men are used to considering their outfits with care; we believe the same consideration should be extended to accessories.  Whether an iconic Dalvey flask, an exceptional wrist or pocket watch, or a pair of uniquely designed cufflinks, we know that you’ll appreciate and come to rely upon your Dalvey essentials.