Bob Aldous is an abstract painter working from Richmond, London.


The work of Bob Aldous crosses many boundaries of artistic expression, Painting, Poetry, Installation and Performance.

The theme is always consistent with a particular interest in emotional dualities such as love and grief, attachment and loss.

The themes are universal, this is what makes his work so compelling.


The poetic thread within the works makes use of metaphor; the abstract imagery creating parallels between our inner psychological landscape and outer symbols found within the natural world. This imagery draws upon phenomena found in nature but touches occasionally on iconic objects within the man made environment.

The lyricism within Bob Aldous work is influenced from both Eastern culture and Western abstraction -There is a poetry within the painting and painting within the poetry.

Bob has worked on a number of public commissions, all of which involve the engagement of the public. His work is designed to stimulate the beholders imagination making it ideal for creating dialogue and interesting discussion.


                                     Venus and Mars
                                        Between us,
                        A bridge that spans the shore of
                                       Aqua and Fire.
                                 Where woman and man,
                                       Fuse in alchemy,
                                        Silver and Gold.
                                    Sun illuminates Moon, 
                                  Water quenches Flame.

                                     A mirrored seduction
                                        in the conquest of
Bob Aldous also accepts commissions. If you are interested in his work please get in touch at and we will discuss your needs and wishes.
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