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Upstairs and Downstairs - Laura Petrovich Cheney

Folly & Muse

Size: 92 x 31 cm

Medium: Wood 

Pls note that the artworks are possible to purchase separately (2500Euro/artwork).

I titled my work "Upstairs and Downstairs," drawing inspiration from the daily climb or descent of my ordinary activities. The reality is that life consists of 99% mundane moments, with my own life in my home primarily consisting of simple actions like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and sleeping. Reflecting on the rhythms and patterns, I recognized how these activities were clearly separated between the first and second floors of my living space. This realization prompted me to divide the artwork into two distinct pieces. Activities such as cooking, eating, and watching television occur on the first floor, while bathing, dressing, sleeping, and doing laundry take place on the second floor. Some activities, like reading, are shared between both levels, whether in the living room or in bed.

Laura Petrovich-Cheney

Laura Petrovich-Cheney transforms wood scraps into mesmerizing works of art. Trained as a fashion designer, painter and sculptor, she brings her expertise to create stunning geometric compositions from simple rectangles and triangles. Her creations exude luminosity and depth. They evoke imagery ranging from stained glass windows to intricate lattices, offering glimpses into unseen worlds beyond their surfaces.

Some of Laura's artworks draw you in like whirlpools, with their intricate patterns captivating viewers. Others hold onto their secrets, wrapped in mystery like the closed shutters of summer homes. These wall sculptures possess a unique dynamism, their rigid structures interplaying with undulating waves, uneven heights, and surfaces bearing the marks of time. In their essence, they echo the monumental potential of textiles, while simultaneously celebrating the intimacy found within the most ordinary of building materials.

Her recent sculptures spark conversations about individual and environmental concerns, drawing inspiration from feminism and traditional women's arts like needlework, weaving and quilting. Laura's artistic process involves repurposing discarded materials, searching for the stories they hold about personal histories, identity, and humanity.

Much of the wood Laura uses comes from her experiences living through Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. Some pieces are sourced from home renovations or simply discarded furniture found on the street. Regardless of their origins, she infuses these materials with new life, finding meaning and purpose in their transformation. Stories of attachment, love, loss, and broken homes are woven into her art, creating narratives of healing and second chances that resonate on both personal and universal levels.

Laura exhibits her work nationally, both in solo and group shows, at prestigious venues like The Toledo Museum of Art, Berea College, and the Boston Children's Museum. She has received grants from esteemed organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Park Service, and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. Laura has participated in artist residencies at institutions like the Society of Arts and Crafts and the Vermont Studio Center. In recognition of her talent, she was awarded the New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship in Sculpture in 2017, followed by the Artist Fellowship in Crafts from the Massachusetts Cultural Council in 2021. Laura holds a BA in Fine Arts and English Literature from Dickinson College, an MS degree in Fashion Design from Drexel University, and an MFA in Studio Arts from Moore College of Art and Design.

About the Gallery:

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Upstairs and Downstairs - Laura Petrovich Cheney
Upstairs and Downstairs - Laura Petrovich Cheney
Upstairs and Downstairs - Laura Petrovich Cheney
Upstairs and Downstairs - Laura Petrovich Cheney
Upstairs and Downstairs - Laura Petrovich Cheney