Enter the realm of Kuno Vollet's latest sculptures, where distinctions between indoors and outdoors, gravity and weightlessness, blend in a captivating interplay of metal and shape. In his most recent artistic venture, Vollet meticulously crafts a series of sculptures, sculpted from brass, steel, or bronze, each serving as a testament to the perpetual ebb and flow of existence.

Through their ever-evolving forms and enduring grace, these exquisite pieces of art serve as a poignant reminder that nothing in our world remains static—everything perpetually undergoes change, forever expanding and reshaping itself.

Born in 1951 in Petersaurach, Upper Franconia, the artist pursued his artistic education at the Kunsthochschule Kassel from 1970 to 1976, immersing himself in the study of painting, design, printmaking, and ceramics. Since 2003, he has embraced the role of a freelance artist, extending his creative reach to encompass installations, mobiles, and sculptures that explore themes of equilibrium, weightlessness, and infinity. Kuno Vollet presently resides and works in Kassel.

At the core of Vollet's artistic philosophy lies a deep exploration of the concept of becoming. Each sculpture, rather than a static entity, represents a frozen moment within an ongoing process—an embodiment of perpetual transformation. With every twist and curve, Vollet's creations evolve, seamlessly blending with their environment and inviting viewers to witness the timeless dance of creation and dissolution.

Vollet's sculptures, despite their composition from weighty materials such as brass, steel, or bronze, emanate a sense of weightlessness. Their forms appear to effortlessly defy the pull of gravity, as if capturing a fleeting instance when the laws of nature are momentarily suspended. Through fluent lines and harmonious shapes, Vollet's works exude an inherent elegance, encouraging viewers to delve into the intricate details of their design.

Through their continuous evolution and enduring allure, these sculptures serve as a poignant testament to the ever-changing nature of our reality, reminding us that existence itself is an eternal cycle of growth and renewal. In the hands of Vollet, metal becomes a medium through which the perpetual story of being is eloquently captured and conveyed.

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