Alex Voinea

Alex Voinea

Fading backgrounds create depth and perspective in an abstract work, but with an almost hyper-realist definition, in which Voinea transmits a vibrancy of motion through drippings and large sweeping brushstrokes that include various saturated and fluorescent colors and that bring movement and fluidity to his painting. 


Inspired by experiments with paint poured over vibrating surfaces (for example, speakers at full volume) which project splashes and streams of color in space, Voinea captures and  freezes in an instant, an imaginary and expressive big bang of color. 


Alex Voinea was born in Romania in 1973. Leaving Romania after the revolution, he moved to Italy and now resides in Sitges (Barcelona), where he works and exhibits. He has shown his work in various cities; most recently in Brussels (Accessible Art Fair), Paris, London (The Other Art Fair), Milan and New York (Clio Art Fair).

Art Fairs

Art Fairs

 Upcoming Fairs: 


Affordable Art Fair Brussels                       Affordable Art Fair Hamburg                Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam



Past Fairs:


Affordable Art Fair Battersea                    Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

Battersea Park, London 2019                     Messe Halle 2, Hamburg 2019




Discover Art Fair Frankfurt                     Affordable Art Fair Brussels                     Contemporary Art Luxembourg             

Forum Messe Frankfurt 2019                   Tour & Taxis, Brussels 2019                      Parc des Expositions Luxexpo 2018




Affordable Art Fair Battersea                     Affordable Art Fair Brussels                      Affordable Art Fair Battersea

Battersea Park, London 2018                     Tour & Taxis, Brussels 2018                       Battersea Park, London 2017




Art Muc                                                          Affordable Art Fair Brussels                     Affordable Art Fair Milan 

Praterinsel, Munich 2017                          Tour & Taxis, Brussels 2017                       Superstudio Piú, Milan 2017 




Affordable Art Fair Battersea                    Stroke Art Fair                                            Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

Battersea Park, London 2016                     Praterinsel, Munich, 2016                        Messe Hamburg, 2015




Affordable Art Fair Battersea                    Moniker Art Fair                                        Liverpool Contemporary Art Fair           

Battersea Park, London, 2015                    Old Truman Brewery, London 2015        Royal Liver Building, Liverpool 2015             











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Katharina Hormel

Katharina Hormel

Katharina Hormel creates minimalistic landscape paintings featuring everyday scenes of life. Her art often portrays people engaged in their daily activities, such as taking a leisurely walk in the park, cycling, playing football, or even snowboarding down a mountain range. These seemingly mundane moments hold significant meaning as they define our lives and contribute to our happiness and fulfillment. The essence of living in the present and spending quality time with loved ones is central to her work, promoting well-being and contentment.

Hormel's artistic approach is characterized by capturing these small moments of joy with heart and a sense of humor. She uses gold or copper leaf in her paintings, which interact with the changing light, creating a warm and reflective contrast to the minimally depicted figures in black, white, and grey. This color scheme adds an element of elegance to her art, making it contemporary yet unobtrusive, while still bursting with life, happiness, and intricate details.

Her works have garnered a global following, with collectors from around the world, including the USA, Singapore, the UK, and various European countries. Katharina Hormel's ability to depict the beauty and significance of everyday moments resonates with a diverse audience, transcending geographical boundaries.