Lauren Baker is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist who exhibits  internationally. Her recent work explores light, space, the after-life and other dimensions. She’s created installations at Tate Britain and directed the windows of Selfridges and Browns. Passionate about animals and conservation, Lauren is an ambassador for Save Wild Tigers. Her artwork has raised over £50k for charity.

Renowned for her work using reflective material – including the world’s first infinity mirror coffin at Tate Britain, a 7-ft mirrored geometric ‘Portal to another dimension’ commissioned by Clerkenwell Design Week, and 100 mirror eyes in the trees at Unknown Festival, Croatia.

The creations include painted and embellished human resin skulls, animal skulls and sculpted animal heads. Recent works involving neon, infinity mirror and moving sculpture explore light, space and energy.



Lauren’s work is inspired by her time spent in the Peruvian Amazon, the power of nature and primordial energy sources. Just three and a half years ago her art career started with a life-changing trip to South America. Lauren joined a mosaic street-art project in Brazil and spent time in the Peruvian Amazon jungle surrounded by dense vegetation and wildlife. She then researched the best place to study mosaic in the world and developed her skills in Venice (Orsoni, 2011).

Following the success of her workshop and skull art installation at Tate Modern (Jul 12), Baker was invited by Tate Britain to host a large-scale workshop and installation. Baker’s most intricate work; The Crystal Tigress is a life-size tiger head sculpture encrusted with 52,000 Swarovski crystals. The artwork, modeled by trend-setter Jaime Winstone, fetched a five – figure sum at auction (Mar 13) for the tiger conservation charity Save Wild Tigers. With just 3,000 tigers left, wild tigers could be extinct within 10 years. As an Ambassador for the charity, Lauren spoke at the gala dinner in Malaysia to an audience of 650 people, including the Sultana of Malaysia.


She has exhibited at and worked with the TATE Modern, TATE Britain, Harrods, Browns, The Guardina, The London Design Festival and many others.

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