Izzy Miller is a Derbyshire based artist. Born in Hong Kong, Izzy has a passion for travelling and has lived in the United Arab Emirates, America, Italy, Sweden, Edinburgh, and London.

Izzy studied at ateliers in Stockholm and Florence, drawing and painting in the classical style before graduating with a Fine Art degree from Lancaster University in 2014.  She is currently studying for a Masters degree in Illustration in Manchester.



Much of Izzy’s work focuses on portraiture, which she continues to study in greater depth at art school and she creates detailed studies of people that she meets in oils, pastels, charcoal and pencil.



Izzy’s work captures the colours and textures of her travels as she depicts bustling city scenes or peaceful pastoral landscapes. She is especially drawn to the beautiful, and her work is often soft and romantic in style.

In the past year, Izzy has worked as a Fact Painter for an internationally celebrated artist in London, she has exhibited her work in Manchester and Derbyshire and she is due to attend a biennale in Abu Dhabi this spring.

Her work is privately owned by clients in Australia, Germany, the U.A.E. America, Spain and Italy. She accepts commissions and is looking forward to expanding her portfolio.