Detlef E. Aderhold is a contemporary abstract painter from Germany. The artist lives and works in Lueneburg.

Detlef's work is heavily influenced by his career as a Psychologist. Identity and interaction are two key aspects of both art and psychology, and it is at this intersection between the two disciplines that he finds himself.

He has become increasingly interested in the abstract/figurative divide as it relates to memory. A seemingly abstract form, found objects in a painting can trigger an emotional response from a person because it reminds them of something from their own history, that way Detlef can create an immediacy of experience for both himself and the viewer.


While creating his paintings, two processes are particularly important to him - on the one hand, there is the rapid, dynamic, and expressive part characterized by a largely unrestrained and spontaneous handling of paint and canvas. After preparing the ground of the painting with coffee or water, the colors selected beforehand are dripped, flung, and energetically scattered wet-on-wet across the canvas. This action-based element develops on the basis of preliminary plans and mental images recorded in sketches. These form a rough framework, an idea, that is to be realized. he often incorporates impressions, or frontage drawings directly on to the canvas.

These objects and materials leave their trace or impression in the wet ground and sometimes yield additional structures that he then works from.

The result of the initial process is taken up and further developed. This phase is more contemplative and calm. Here, he tries to immerse himself in the painting, pulling out small details that reveal themselves through his contemplation of the surface.

Spontaneity creates structure

"Detlef Aderhold’s colourful, enigmatic paintings refuse to submit to ordinary categorisations. With a stimulating ambiguity, they walk a fine line between figurative and abstract painting, between artistic intentionality, experiment and chance. The artist rejects not only definitive categories, but also explicit content. Instead, he unceasingly, rigorously and intensely investigates the possibilities of the image itself: its associative force, its autonomy and its immanent logic are given palpable form."

Dr Gabriele Himmelmann, art historian


Selected Solo exhibitions:

2014 “Korn” [Kernel], Galerie im Zieglerhof, Lüneburg, Germany

 “Null Komma Null”, Rogue Space Chelsea , New York , U.S. curated by Eric Sutphin MFA

2013 “Zwischen den Seiten” [Between the Pages], Ratsbücherei Lüneburg, Germany

2012 “Struktur schafft Identität” [Structure Creates Identity], Ärztehaus Hannover,Germany

“Space For Art,” European Space Research and Technology Centre, Noordwijk Netherlands, ESTEC Fine Arts Club

“Der Lauf der Farbe” [The Course of Color],  Kulturverein Bienenbüttel ,Germany

2011 “Spontanität schafft Struktur” [Spontaneity Creates Structure], Heinrich- Heine-Haus, Lueneburg, Germany

“Step Two,” Projekthaus Hamburg, Germany



2015     Select Art Fair NYC with Alessandro Berni Gallery, New York, U.S.

             Future and Behind, (Un)contemporary art exhibition, Venice, Italy (Group Exhibition)

             Tba,  Galerie im Zieglerhof, Lueneburg, Germany (Solo Exhibition)


Selected Group Exhibitions:


2015    Art Innsbruck 2015 ,Austria, with Galleria Unique, Torino, Italy

            Clio Art Fair  2015, New York City, United States


2014   Open Studio Painting and mixed Media, School of Visual Arts New York , U.S. 

            Berliner Liste 2014, Berlin, Germany, with  Galerie im Zieglerhof, Lueneburg                                 2013 International Summeracademy Venice, Italy, curated by Wolf Werdigier, Vienna                                                             

            Affordable Art Fair 2013 Hamburg, Germany, with Galerie im Zieglerhof,Lueneburg


Education: autodidact

MA in Psychology (Universität Göttingen)

PhD in Psychology (Universität Potsdam)


Selected courses:

2014 Summer Residency Program, School of Visual Arts New York, U.S.

2013 International Summer Academy Venice, Wolf Werdigier

2011 Freie Akademie der bildenden Künste Essen, Stephan Paul Schneider


Detlef is also accpeting commissions. If you are interested in Detlef's works please get in touch at: Kati@follyandmuse.com

To see all available works on Folly & Muse by Detlef please click here. 

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