Daniele Davitti has built his identity as an artist in Italy where economic crisis and corruption disillusion and sometimes even despair the people.  His eyes explore human emotions and interactions in everyday life, crystallizing them into images that are striking and sometimes even shocking.
Enriched by sumptuous patterns, sophisticated symbols and crumbling architecture, the composition of Davitti’s paintings follows “grotesque” stories where the human species seems to be biological degenerated into beautiful creatures, a mix between women, mummies and skeletons.
Davitti’s imagery has been developed with a number of cultural influences.
Inspired by great families from Renaissance paintings and frescos rendered with grey, white and beige colors attest to his Florentine roots.
From the time he spent in Osaka, his works also carry influences of Japanese prints and illustrations as well as Zen philosophy and wabi-sabi aesthetics. Black ink and a bold, confident line construct his figures.
Equally important are the 18th and 19th centuries – from classical music to Art Nouveau – their cultural and artistic manifestations complete Davitti’s very personal and singular style.
The result is an eulogy to the beauty of the decay and it speaks to us as if from an immaculate past, where the artist resides as the lone survivor, trying to communicate to us his solitude amid the ruins.

Daniele Davitti began to turn his attention towards the fine arts and painting while living in Japan. There he had the chance to study traditional languages including the art of ink, kimonos and Japanese style and imagery. Upon his return to Italy, he had the chance to work for Prada. After some soul searching, he decided to abandon a career in the fashion industry and, instead, pursue his burgeoning passion for the fine arts. Since then his artistic endeavors have included painting, drawing and illustration, interior design and costume design for the theater. Davitti has exhibited at or collaborated with Vanity Fair, the Moretti Gallery (London), La Pergola Theatre (Florence), Arte Fiera International Fair of Contemporary Art (Bologna), Pitti Immagine Uomo (Florence) and Giardino dell’Orticoltura (Florence).

Davitti remains passionate about travel and incorporating new cultural influences into his work.

Daniele Davitti is current living and working in Florence.


Daniele is also accpeting commissions. If you are interested in Daniele's works please get in touch at: Kati@follyandmuse.com

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