Dex is a Londoner. An artist and graphic designer, he works in a range of media from hand-crafted illustration and typographic animation.

Every Londoner has their favourite stomping ground. That little corner of the city that feels theirs. That you get to know like the back of your hand. This new art piece is a dense, typographic street map of Central London. Which was a whole year in the making. A painstakingly intricate and very almost accurate* hand-crafted type map of our beloved capital. Which is designed to actually be navigable. Find the road you live on, the street you hang out in or the patch you’re itching to move to. Use it to plot a new cycle route to work, or plan a day’s riverside hopping along the curved sweep of the Thames.
Dex creates very different maps - he is inspired by literature for one, so his maps include the various notorious London spots of Sherlock Homes and Dorian Grey to Bridget Jones.
But he is also inspired by Film, where he points out the places of Sweeny Todd, Oliver Twist and Peter Pan's Finding Neverland.
London has much to offer for his cartography art - but make no mistake. It doesn't come easy - these detailed illustrations are a labour of love. Love of London, it's culture, history and beautifully intricate alleys and streets.
A guide to the pubs where all the fictional characters we know and love frequented. Also the clubs that the authors were members of, where they wined and dined and gambled the night away. The smoking holes, the opium parlours, from high to low, the classy to the dens of iniquity. All of the places the notorious characters used to gather to plot, scheme and make merry.

Also the Paparazzi’s favourite stake outs; the places celebrities tumble out of. The actors and narrators who bring the stories to life.
To find his works of art on Folly & Muse click here.
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