We proudly present the Folly & Muse stand at The Affordable Art Fair Battersea in London.

Our Gallery presented works by Tim Fowler, Bella Vernon, Lauren Baker, Bob Aldous, Rowan Newton, Bettina Bohn, Laurent Maes and Detlef E. Aderhold among many others.

Wildly successful was Lauren Baker's neon "You Blow My Mind". As well as Bob Aldous backlit paintings.

Photography of luxury yachts by Laurent Maes showed yachts from a bird's eye view and in clear precision. One of Maes's main pieces is the Steve Jobs yacht.

The Affordable Art Fair brochure featured a work by our lovely Lauren Baker and her work "Our Journey In The Dream".

Lauren Baker's sculptural work is beautifully intricate and elegant in its organic form.

Rowan Newton's work was featured on The Affordable Art Fair's website and sold at the opening night.

Rowan uses Spray Paint, Oil Colours and Acrylics in his paintings. And his latest work explores a contemporary approach to still life.


The Battersea Power Station by Tim Fowler fitted perfectly into the show located right next to the iconic building itself.


German abstract painter Detlef E. Aderhold added a splash of colour and spontaneity to the Folly & Muse stand.

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