Zeta Double Brass - LJ Lamps

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Designer: LJ Lamps

Dimensions: 12 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm

Material:  Brass

Weight: ca. 400g

Cable: 1,90 m textile cable

Socket: E27

Sold without bulb.

Individualization: longer cable: £5,00 /meter


The Brass reflects light and multiplies it a thousandfold in a golden shimmer.

Choose your own contrast of cable colour to match any interior.

LJ Lamps is a young design studio based in Berlin, that primarily creates lamps from materials such as concrete, brass and wood.

They are Frank Lenhart and Sascha Janowsky . They both live in Berlin and at first created lamps and furniture for their own apartment.

They quickly noticed that they were not the only ones who liked what they had created and thusly started making them for everyone to buy.


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