Yellow Flow AV 455 - Alex Voinea

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Artist: Alex Voinea

Title: Yellow Flow AV 455

Medium: Acrylics on linen

Size: 130 x 97 cm


Fading backgrounds create depth and perspective in an abstract work, but with an almost hyper-realist definition, in which Voinea transmits a vibrancy of motion through drippings and large sweeping brushstrokes that include various saturated and fluorescent colors and that bring movement and fluidity to his painting.  

Inspired by experiments with paint poured over vibrating surfaces (for example, speakers at full volume) which project splashes and streams of color in space, Voinea captures and  freezes in an instant, an imaginary and expressive big bang of color. 

Alex Voinea was born in Romania in 1973. Leaving Romania after the revolution, he moved to Italy and now resides in Sitges (Barcelona), where he works and exhibits. He has shown his work in various cities; most recently in Brussels (Accessible Art Fair), Paris, London (The Other Art Fair), Milan and New York (Clio Art Fair).

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