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White Spots - Katja Grandpierre

Katja Grandpierre

Artist: Katja Grandpierre

Title: White Spots

Dimensions:  40 x 60 cm

Materials: Oil on canvas

Original Painting


Katja Grandpierre paints urban moments in time that she interprets in various stages of abstraction.

Photographically, she collects a large number of random impressions and experiences within urban landscapes. For her paintings, she selects snapshots, capturing different moments in time, which she then layers in abstract and objective styles. 

Through clear lines and sometimes unclear perspectives, she builds her complex paintings.

Light, geometric lines, foreground and background play together,  merging to an abstract moment, that seems to be fast paced and energetic, as urban moments so often are.

Representational painting and abstraction, harmony and disunity, tranquility and speed keep urban life alive in a deceptive limbo.



White Spots - Katja Grandpierre