The Remains - Lauren Baker

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Artist: Lauren Baker

Medium: Matches, Acrylic, Framed

Size: 39 x 39 x 5 cm

Edition: Original

Year: 2015


About the Artist:

Lauren Baker is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist who exhibits  internationally. Her recent work explores light, space, the after-life and other dimensions. She’s created installations at Tate Britain, directed the windows of Selfridges and Browns.

Her newest work Transition explores personal journeys, growth and development whilst reflecting complex impulses and expressions around creativity. The fragility of life is apparent as an underlying theme; materials are broken and burnt, and yet there is a powerful sense of renewal and rebirth. Cyclical overtones. The introduction of glass, plastic, wood and metal represents a stark contrast to the precious stones and crystals that have been the staple of past creations. There exists a duality of light and dark within the work. Shards of glass and burnt out matches echo with past adversity, pain and loss.

Whilst, the fluidity, movement, repetition and balance with which they are presented ia a narrative reminder of the ebb and flow of life; whether we experience pleasure or pain – acceptance of both is imperative.


Learn more about Lauren here.

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