Remance of Summer - Bella Vernon & Ed Burnand

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Artist: Bella Vernon & Ed Burnand


Title: Remance of Summer


Medium: Mirror & candle smoke, backed by artwork


Dimensions: ca. 75 x 50 x 1.8 cm


Product Information: This mirror has been fitted with new walnut veneer backboard, fixings and chain for easy hanging.


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Sync is the first collaborative piece between Bella Vernon and Ed Burnand. The piece re-visits Saudade a tree enveloped by years of ivy growth. This time the mirror is far more weathered… and as the mirroring drops away it becomes clear that the background swims with soft bursts of warm greens and browns, light blues and mottled whites. A less lonely nuanced piece, the tree appears to be enjoying the halcyon days of summers past.



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