Sola Swiss - Eva 36 pcs. Cutlery Set

£ 225.00
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Manufactuere: Sola Swiss

Cutlery: Platinum
For: Table, Dessert
Surface: Satin
Material and Technology: Hollow Handle, Forged, Chromenickel steel 18/10

Manufactured in Switzerland comes in a beautiful cutlery box.


The Eva cutlery set is part of the luxurious Platinum range by Sola. 

Each fork, knife and spoon is made by hand, with a hollow handle. The handle is in the shaped elegantly with intricate and is specially designed for customers looking for an out of the ordinary but still practical dining experience

Also available are cake forks and a small mocca spoon. Please get in touch should you wish to purchase any of those on top of the cutlery set.

The set of 24 pieces includes:

9 coffee spoons, 9 forks, 9 knives and 9 table spoons.
Dimensions of Soup Spoon:

Length: 209 mm
Weight: 74 g

Dimensions of Fork: 
Length: 209 mm
Weight: 65 g

Dimensions of Knife:
Length: 237 mm
Weight: 79 g
Dimensions of coffee spoon:
Length: 155 mm
Weight: 42 g
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