Shoreline Shadows VIII - Philip Hearsey

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Artist: Philip Hearsey

Title: Shoreline Shadows VIII  

Dimensions (HxWxD): 6 x 19,5 x 28 cm

Materials: Bronze 

Edition of 9


The edge between the inner and outer surfaces of the bronze is patinated and waxed. The wax prevents air reaching the bronze and causing natural darkening and should be renewed from time to time.

The “pebble” insert is natural polished bronze and will tarnish over time or more rapidly after contact with natural skin oils. It will require re-buffing with metal polish as required.

Sand-casting bronze requires a robust pattern that can be used over and over again to make impressions in the tightly packed casting sand. The Shoreline Shadows series used resin patterns moulded over parts of stones collected on a north Devon beach. The interior of the vessel form is faithful reproduction of the stone used.






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