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Seaside 021 - Gunda Jastorff

Gunda Jastorff

Artist: Gunda Jastorff

Title: Seaside 021

Medium: Mixed media on canvas

Edition: original

Size: 40 x 40 cm


By experimenting with colors and shapes as well as different materials, representational and abstract images and collages, grown out of intuition and mood, are predominantly made of acrylic.
Other preferred materials include marble flour, tissue paper, wax and cloth, which give the images a sculptural texture.
They are pictures that should please; a game with the contrasts of color and form.

The paintings by Gunda Jastorff present a position in art that reflects a picture of today's society, combining timelessness with timeliness.

Gunda Jastorff is working predominantly on large canvases and has a minimal approach to color schemes. The way she incorporates texture and 3-dimensionality into her paintings adds depth and beautiful lighting effects to her works. 

Gunda works from Hamburg and is an internationally represented artist.