Saudade Mirror- Bella Vernon

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Artist: Bella Vernon


Title: Saudade


Medium: Mirror & candle smoke 


Dimensions: 105.2 x 61.3 x 2.4 cm


Product Information: The original frame has been fully restored and fitted with a hanging system for easy installation.


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Saudade depicts an old wisened tree enveloped by years of ivy growth, a shroud of lacework softening its remains. The tree stands centrally within the frame reaching out its gnarled branches, cutting a lonely figure… by contrast the landscape around it drops away. As the light hits the rich candle smoke what appears to be black silhouette reveals a deep warm brown, akin to turtle shell, with soft tonal changes. The sky is replaced by mirror clear and open, reflecting its ever-changing surroundings, giving rise to infinite possibilities. 



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