Relinquished Remains 7 - Steve McPherson

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Artist: Steve McPherson

Title:  Relinquished Remains Multi 7

Medium: Unaltered Marine plastic objects found on the UK coast, 1994-2017, on card.

Size: Approx 87 62 x 5cm in white box frame


This obsessive nature combined with a love of the book format, has resulted in an array of artworks that fall into many categories, and have aesthetics born sometimes from museology, sometimes from the laboratory or library and from ambiguous elsewhere’s. His love of objects and materials is grounded in their alchemical charm, and their banality is valued and challenged as much as their meaning.

In his most recent work, McPherson combines found objects from his local coast, with a summary text that gives a potential identity and history to the collated flotsam and jetsam. These discarded items, wave worn and sun bleached are arranged sometimes by colour and sometimes by other specific taxonomies, thus using the new works again to reveal in subtle ways through the use of text, content and aesthetics, that truth, history and information are questionable and relative to our perception and use of it.

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