Pelz Lebend Tragen - Astrid Stöfhas - SOLD

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Artist: Astrid Stöfhas

Title: Pelz Lebend Tragen

Medium: Oil, Collage and Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 200 x 140 cm


Astrid Stöfhas is a German painter based in Hamburg, Germany. She is known for her "Container Bag" project in the port of La Spezia. In her work she likes to show the break in a personality, the small crack in the facade, the small detail that does not fit into the picture. The model that can no longer be in her shoes, the mafioso being arrested. She likes people who are not streamlined, who always surprise with new facets. These nuances make personalities exciting for her, and she wants to draw attention to that. Her works are regularly exhibited between Israel, London, New York and Hamburg. She attended the School of Arts HAMBURG in 1992 and was a student of the International College of Communication Art and New Media in 1994. Awards followed in 2009, including Winner of the symposium "Ligacao" | Elvas - Portugal et al.

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