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Ovid #6 - Ron Piller

Ron Piller

Artist: Ron Piller

Title: Ovid #6

Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm / 12 H x 12 W x 1.6 in

Materials: Acrylic, Household, Gesso, Paper and Gloss Varnish Medium on Wood.

One of a new series of paintings using inlayed pigments. Modern, contemporary reductive work. Ivory/white with grey dots. Yellow marks. Minimalist. Contemporary abstract.

Original Painting


One of a new series of color block paintings on wood panel. Finished with gloss medium varnish which adds a soft clear reflective surface. Wired & ready to hang. Signed & titled verso..

Inspired by his travels—to places like India, Vietnam, and Cuba—and the endless permutations of color and geometric forms, Ron Piller produces abstract acrylic-on-panel paintings, filled with what he calls “stripes, squares, and color spokes.” As he describes: “In my paintings, two important considerations, color and geometric order/disorder are my constant concern. […] Balancing the shapes and colors of pieces fascinates me daily.” Though his works are abstract, they are painted over a ground of newsprint, mixed with glue and sanded down. Such a literal (and literary) base adds a subtle visual texture to his works and serves as a clever foil for his decidedly non-literal compositions. Piller relishes the materiality of his medium, finishing each work with a layer of resin to give it a reflective sheen that brings the outside world in to the painting as well.



Ovid #6 - Ron Piller
Ovid #6 - Ron Piller
Ovid #6 - Ron Piller