Lux - Black Diamond Coffee Table

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Dimensions: Height: 74cm - Length: 140cm - Width: 140cm

Weight: 100kg
Materials: Black Pearl glass, Marble Stone, Tempered glass.

Base: White Zebrino Marble, Cube: Black Pearl Glass, Top: Tempered Glass

Limited Edition: 7 pieces

Customize: Size and Shape of Glass top, Shape of the marble base

The Lux coffee table is the black diamond of the collection. 
It is a luxurious, elegant and sophisticated handcrafted table. A delicate glasswork that creates a perfect cube, made out of black pearl glass that reflects a mysterious light.
An harmonious table that dresses the most exclusive of modern spaces.
The Cube Collection is the search of finding the pure essence of the object, eliminating all superfluous elements until reaching the core. The Cube becomes a structural volume that originates pure design lines and opposite of light and dark.


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Tags: Amarist
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