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Artist: Anika Manuel

Title: Lupita

Medium: Acrylic on Hardboard

Size: 60 × 45 × 3 cm

Original Painting Signed On the Back by the Artist 


Lupita is a portrait of Mexican-Kenyan actress and fashion heroine Lupita Nyong'o. The determination and character of this beautiful young star is shown in her defiant pose and the vibrant colours of her dress, A face that I could return to painting again and again, this is a portrait of strength and success.

Working predominantly from photographs and magazines, Anika Manuel's subject matter focuses on people, depicting them sometimes as a form of social commentary, other times presenting them exactly as they are, for the viewer to imbue with their own ideas. Recycling imagery is important to her general concerns, as there already exist so many undervalued images which haven’t yet been fully explored.


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