Leichtigkeit liegt in der Luft - Annette Jellinghaus

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Artist: Annette Jellinghaus

Title: Leichtigkeit liegt in der Luft

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

Materials: Acrylics on canvas

Original Painting 2017


 Annette Jellinghaus works are vibrant and colourful abstract paintings full of joy and happiness. Through using a variety of colours they adapt to many different interiors and add movement and life to a space. Her work is filled with emotions and feel like a breath of fresh air in spring.

'Curiosity, energy and the courage to listen and put what is felt on the inside out,  leads to these meaningful works. Detached from defined forms results leads to intense colors, free figures, surfaces and lines, emotional and full of energy. Open diaries of feelings, sensations and impressions. Old rules are no longer valid. Rather, every work is part of a path that is itself the goal: search - find - implement. Without end. Always on...' Annette Jellinghaus



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