Lava - Chris Tille

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Artist: Chris Tille


Size: 40 x 40cm

Medium: 12 Colour print on Hahnemühle photo rag

Limited Edition of 20


Chris Tille is a German photographer working from Lake Tegernsee, Bavaria.

His pieces now hang on the walls of Georg Kofler, the former CEO of Premiere; Siemens CFO Dr Ralf P. Thomas; Achim Rohnke, the head of Bavaria Film; Brigitte von Boch and Countess Susanne von Moltke among many others.

Mesmerised by the primordial power of the elements, in 2009 Chris Tille photo- graphed vast flows of lava in Hawaii. This resulted in a set of pictures bursting with expressive energy and poetic magic. Lava is a symbol of uncontrollable power – the pure, flowing energy of fire. Once cooled, it represents the quality of being grounded and stimulates determination, and has long been regarded as a source of energy. Chris Tille’s 2015 Lava cycle enables viewers to witness the synergy of flowing and cooled lava. He has carefully selected details from images and arranged them in a sequence that combines fiery red motion and cold black fixity into a series of magic circles that are always new, making the expression of energy far more powerful. Life energy and primordial forces are focused in the centre. The highly poetic images have a far softer appearance than the magic circles depicting crystal-forming cycles of water. Instead, the proliferation of images of flowing lava reveals expressive organic forms. They reflect diabolic, feminine and erotic energies as well as the primordial power of the circle of life.


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