LA 1 - Kevin Callaghan

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Artist: Kevin Callaghan

Title: LA 1

Medium:  Spray Paint, Paint, Wood, Color and 3D Sculpting on Woodx

Size:  51 x 45 cm


'I like this new series, I deal with two color​ combinations, I am inspired by a number of different things here, new ways of painting, but it also has 3 Dimensional qualities. From the grove cut out with the C&C machine. I would hope the viewer gets a real vibrancy from this piece and a feeling of a well thought out piece of art. I choose this medium because it's an exciting way of working and you will see a lot more of this from me.There is up to 18 layers of auto spray on this piece.'


Kevin Callaghan's work investigates ideas and conjectures about Utopian philosophy, science fiction and fantasy. Kevin uses simple universal mathematical structures such as the triangle and square as a point of departure. These are treated in contrasting colours in order to maximize optical dynamism and vibrancy. The geometric structures intertwine, appearing precarious and spontaneous, this dynamic state attempts to question notions of order and chaos. 

Callaghan is searching for a means to portray the notion of 'travel' weather inter-dimensional or as a reality outside and unknown to us all. These visions of new perspectives of high-density realities or non-realities aim to penetrate a kind of outer space comprising a dream like world where reality meets conscious dreaming, allowing questions of curiosity and wonder about the cognitive state to be explored.


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