Infelici Stanze - Daniele Davitti

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Artist: Daniele Davitti

Title: Epilogo | Epilogue (English translation)

Materials: Tempera, Graphite, Chalk and Ink on Wood

Description: Signed by the artist. 

Edition: Original  

Year: 2013 

Size: 70x90 cm

Artwork comes unframed



About the Artist:

Daniele Davitti is an Italian artist born in 1986 from a Roman-Florentine family of artists and artisans. 

Enriched by sumptuous patterns, sophisticated symbols and crumbling architecture, the composition of Davitti’s paintings follows “grotesque” stories where the human species seems to be biological degenerated into beautiful creatures, a mix between women, mummies and skeletons.

The result is an eulogy to the beauty of decay and it speaks to us as if from an immaculate past, where the artist resides as the lone survivor, trying to communicate to us his solitude amid the ruins.


Learn more about Daniele here. 

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