In the Flesh - David Cardoso

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Artist: David Cardoso

Title: In the Flesh

Medium: Acrylic on cotton canvas

Size: 125 × 165   cm

Original Painting Signed On the Back by the Artist 



The idea behind the David’s works is to create a window into a small world, a playful world unbound to any preconceived notion of reality where paint slips in and out abstraction.

David draws inspiration for these pieces everywhere he goes. Much of the inspiration comes from architectural spaces and the dialog between shapes, masses, light and shadow that opens up new dimensions.

The work of Francis Bacon has always been a great influence on David even from an early age, the mysterious dimensions that Bacon creates within his work are something that David can’t help but be drawn into and he is always left wondering about the feelings the works create.

David’s paintings are made to be immersive, pulling his audience into the work and encouraging them to enjoy it’s playfulness as they journey through the painting. Each piece is intended as a glimpse into David’s and our collective subconscious.



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